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Experienced in SharePoint Versions WSS 3.0 to 2016 we can handle all needs SharePoint. Search, Migrations, Master Pages and Layouts, as well as custom webparts and alerts. Our custom development allows us to implement OCR, CSV Imports/Exports, and we have even integrated OneDrive document content into applications.


We have built a wide variety of custom tools using ArcGIS for mocking up engineering diagrams, GeoSpatial Project Management, and more. We have also leveraged SharePoint to extend the functionality of these tools allowing for workflow and easy integration of available data.


Interested in becoming a developer? Or perhaps you want someone to help walk you through a particularly difficult piece of code. Feel free to schedule one on one time with us at the low rate of $45/hr. for college students and underemployed adults. We offer Javascript, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, SharePoint, Wordpress and more.

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